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25 Years Of Experience To Provide You Excellence And Quality At It's Best!

BC LED SOLUTIONS  was started to help clients decide on the best way to upgrade to LED lighting products for their businesses or buildings. There are numerous LED products in the market place today which can make choosing the right products for your application a little overwhelming.

With over 25 years experience with a wide variety of different lighting products we are confident that we will be able to recommend and find the best LED lighting products for your building(s). We have completed numerous site assessments/audits on all kinds of different businesses to date.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail. Helping our customers find the best solutions and LED products for their application is very gratifying for us. All electrical contractors we work with have been vetted by BC LED SOLUTIONS and are certified. 

BC LED SOLUTIONS is committed to offering energy efficient and sustainable technologies. BC LED SOLUTIONS spends a considerable amount of time and resources in deciding which companies we want to represent. With some of the best products and warranties in the industry we are confident you will not be disappointed.

Have a look around our site for just some of the high quality LED/Solar/UV-C products we offer. We look forward to building a long term professional working relationship with each and every customer.

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BC LED SOLUTIONS Offers a Wide Range of High Quality LED/Solar/UV-C LED Products From Well Established North American Manufacturers With Some of the Best Warranties in the Business.

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Benefits of Using LED Products
LED Is A Highly Energy Efficient Lighting Technology LED’s Use At Least 75% Less Energy And Last 25 Times Longer. LED Emits Very Little Heat And Have No Mercury Or Lead.
LED’s Can Reduce Your Lighting Bill By Up To 90% And Can Be Controlled By A Wide Variety Of Different Sensors. They Also Require Very Little Maintenance Which can Also Add To Major Savings Over The Lifetime Of the LED Light.


There Are Some Manufacturers Offering 10 Year Warranties For High Quality LED Lights. Life Span For LED Lights Has Been Estimated Between 50,000 To 100,000 Hours. There Is Also No Warm Up Time Or Flickering With LED Lights.

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